our commitment

We are three women with a love of the ocean and a determination to mitigate the detrimental impacts of climate change and industrialized food systems on the ocean ecosystems that we cherish.

We hand harvest all of our seaweed ourselves, on the northern California coast. We are committed to ethical and sustainable harvesting to ensure the vitality and regeneration of these coasts for years to come. We are environmentalists and ecologists at heart -- and constantly adjust our harvesting techniques to respond to the state of the coastline.

We also are actively involved in seaweed cultivation and ocean acidification research up and down the west coast of North America. Through our research, we are working to develop a regenerative solution to aquaculture that actually improves the marine environment. Aquaculture research has revealed that seaweed is an effective tool for improving aquatic ecosystem habitats and water quality, as well as mitigating eutrophication and ocean acidification. In addition to performing important ecosystem services, seaweed cultivation diversifies production opportunities for small-scale fishing and aquaculture operations by providing an additional economically valuable crop to harvest. After seeing seaweed farms successfully start in New England and Hawaii, we realized the time was right for seaweed farming to come to California. Stay tuned for our progress on farming seaweed in a way that improves the environment, benefits shellfish farmers, and produces healthy local food!