our commitment

We are three women with a love of the ocean and a determination to mitigate the detrimental impacts of climate change and industrialized food systems on the ocean ecosystems that we cherish.

Science (and nature) have warned us that our quality of life and survival past the next decade is directly related to our ability to lower our carbon footprint and find resourceful, regenerative ways to feed ourselves without further damaging our environment.

We believe that seaweed and seaweed farming is a solution.

Seaweed is an effective tool for improving aquatic ecosystem habitats and water quality, as well as mitigating eutrophication and ocean acidification. Through our seaweed farming research, we are working to develop a regenerative solution to aquaculture that actually improves the marine environment.

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As three women environmentalists with a deep love for the ocean, we found ourselves both inspired by and in alignment with this community’s need to:

  • Mitigate the detrimental impacts of climate change,

  • Minimize and repair the adverse impact of industrialized food systems,

  • Restore the ocean ecosystems that we cherish, and

  • Connect more deeply to our environment through the food we eat.

In order to meet these goals at home, we:

  • Hand harvest all of our seaweed ourselves, on the northern California coast.

  • Commit to ethical and sustainable harvesting to ensure the vitality and regeneration of California coasts for years to come.

  • Shape our business in harmony with the ecological principles we subscribe to

  • Continually work to discover delicious and creative ways to cook with and eat seaweed.

In order to continuously adjust our harvesting techniques to respond to the needs and state of the California coastline, we are:

  • Active in seaweed cultivation and ocean acidification research along the west coast of North America.

  • Developing a regenerative aquaculture model that actually improves the marine environment.

  • Collaborating with local scientists, oyster farmers, and other environmentalists to cultivate a thriving mutually beneficial ecosystem.