our seaweed

We are proud to offer the finest quality seaweed, sustainably gathered by hand on the California coast. All of our seaweed is dried in the sun, for maximum freshness and optimal taste. High in essential minerals and amino acids, seaweed is a nutritious, low calorie, and delicious addition to your kitchen.

Like all wild ingredients, seaweeds have seasonal variation. Because our seaweeds are harvested from the wild, you may see some natural white sea salt that has dried on the pieces.


CALIFORNIA KOMBU (Laminaria setchellii)

Used for dashi and broth, kombu is a brown algae that adds excellent umami (savory flavor) to soups, stews and beans. Contains alginates that help thicken sauces, soups, and other dishes. Kombu is perfect for throwing into any dish you are cooking.



CALIFORNIA WAKAME (Alaria marginata)

Delicious re-hydrated in seaweed salad or as a fresh element in soup, wakame is one of the most mild seaweeds we've found. High in vitamins and minerals, wakame is also great toasted and crumbled on rice, popcorn, or eggs.


WILD NORI (Porphyra/ Pyropia species)

High in protein with a great nutty flavor, nori is the seaweed found in sushi sheets. Our local species has an amazing rich flavor. Great in nori butter, nori vinaigrette, and sprinkled over dishes.