Seaweed Starter Kit

Seaweed Starter Kit


Our all-in-one seaweed gift bundle, which doubles as a complete “seaweed starter kit.” Perfect for someone who is new to seaweed or a long-time lover of sea vegetables who wants to experiment with new recipes and California varieties. Included in this bundle is Ocean Greens, a beautifully photographed cookbook featuring 50 vegan-friendly recipes that will totally inspire the way you think about cooking with seaweed. Great for any relative who claims they don’t know what to do with seaweed.


  • California Kombu - great for adding umami to broths, stews, and soups and makes beans and legumes easier to digest!

  • California Wakame - a tender, mild kelp that is perfect for seaweed salad or adding to miso soup

  • Nori + wakame flakes - use instead of salt on popcorn, rice bowls, eggs, and avocado toast

  • Two Surf Snacks - sweet & salty, crunchy, and nutrient-rich!

  • Ocean Greens cookbook

  • Seasonal Salt Point Seaweed recipes

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