Seaweed Starter Kit

Seaweed Starter Kit


Our seaweed gift bundle that doubles as a great introduction to our products! Perfect for introducing someone to California seaweed or as a way to try multiple products. Includes:

  • California Kombu - great for adding umami to broths, stews, and soups and makes beans and legumes easier to digest!

  • California Wakame - a tender, mild kelp that is perfect for seaweed salad or adding to miso soup

  • Wild nori flakes - use instead of salt on popcorn, rice bowls, eggs, and avocado toast

  • Three Surf Snacks - sweet & salty, crunchy, and nutrient-rich!

  • Seasonal Salt Point Seaweed recipes


Includes special, eco-friendly gift packaging and postcards of our favorite seaweed recipes.